Mini Monk (Set Of 4)

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Induce a positive vibe in your living space with this enchanted Fengshui Four Little Cute Baby Monk Buddha Statute / Figurines from HK Trader. This statute is a great symbol of peace, inspiration, beauty and compassion. It can be embellished in your living room, office, table showpiece, drawing room, yoga room, puja room etc. An Antique and traditionally eye catching as a home decor item. Add a new dimension to your outdoor / indoor / home / office / garden space with this little and cute Baby Monk Buddha statue / Figurines. It can be placed on tabletop. This Buddha statue meditation room to spread the divine love. This Buddha statue serves as an ideal option for Spiritual Lucky Gift, Thanksgiving Gift, Anniversary Gift, Birthday Gift, Wedding Gift, Diwali gift, Corporate Gift. Little Baby Monk Buddha Sculpture is a perfect Home Office Religious Spiritual Decorative accent. The magnificent form of this Buddha idol creates a peacefulness, harmony, and spiritual ambiance filled with positive energy around us. Everyone wants perfect peace of mind that's free from ignorance, greed, hatred and other afflictive states. The idol is made of premium quality Polyresin and has been designed beautifully. These statues are made of Poly Resin with Durable and Long Lasting Colors. It is easily cleanable with wet/Dry Cotton Cloth. The statue's dress has a multicolor appearance with the skillful craftsmanship is evident in the sculpture.
  • MATERIAL: Ceramic Surface
  • COLOR: Grey, Brown, Orange, Deep Sky Blue
  • PACKAGE CONTAIN:- 4 Cute Buddha Monk Set
  • Laughing Buddha is placed for Prosperity, Abundance, and Wealth Luck
  • Careful Instruction- Wash gently, Do not harsh cloth or scrub. Polish with great shinning. It is easily cleanable with wet/Dry Cotton Cloth.
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