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Buy King & Queen Pot Online, Color and shape of original products may vary slightly from the ones shown in the picture due to season festivity or availability. We at Rv's Garden strive our best to send you the Best Product in the Best Packaging. Please take care of the plant as per plant care instructions and they will come back in the blooming condition in a few days.

Usage And Benefits Of King & Queen Pot

  • It is made of resin, and resin pots are breathable and good for your plants to grow.
  • It is made of resin, resin pots are breathable and good for your plants to grow.
  • This friendly little planter is great for both indoor and outdoor plants. Its perfect size allows you to sit comfortably on your countertop, patio, or balcony window or on your nightstand for a cozier home.
  • Multi Color Resin Pot.
  • Gardening becomes so much more fun when your planters look like this. Spread the joy by gifting it to someone special no matter the occasion.
  • Plant Placement - Indoor & Outdoor.
  • Drainage Hole and stopper on the bottom, stylish decor for your windowsill, desktop, home, and office decoration.
  • Succulent Plants are not included.
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